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Find companies that just raised and need help recruiting

We send you up to 500+ handpicked companies that just raised money and are looking for help toto hire and scale their teams

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Job Seekers

Skip the job boards

By the time a job is posted you have to compete with hundreds and sometimes thousands of other applicants. Instead, using our data, you can directly reach decision makers before a job is ever posted.


Gain clients at the right time

Timing is everything when signing on new clients. Use our data to reach the right companies at the right time before the competition.

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Save hundreds of hours of research

Our team works hundreds of hours a week, to gather the latest funding data, research companies, scrub articles, identify decision makers and obtain verified contact information.

Skip the noise

Timing is everything

Whether you're on the hunt for your next recruiting role or seeking your next client, timing is crucial. With our data, you can reach out to decision-makers at the perfect moment. Cut through the clutter and focus your search with precision.

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20 new leads a month

Every list has verified emails

Every list has Linkedin accounts

Job Seeker


250+ new leads a month

Every list has verified emails

Every list has Linkedin accounts

Head/Director/VP of Talent contact info

Data is current and updated monthly



500+ new leads a month

Every list has verified emails

Every list has Linkedin accounts

Head/Director/VP of Talent contact info

CEO contact information or comparable

Most Fresh Data, updated weekly

Risk-free for Job-seekers

100% Money Back Guarantee

We understand it's difficult to pay for something while looking for a job. That's why we offer a money-back guarantee for job-seekers who still have not found a job within 6 months of using our service.

Please see our terms or request for a refund.

Your questions answered


Our data is based on global worldwide funding data for technology companies with the majority of the activity in the United States and Canada. The UK and Europe account for about 1/4 of our dataset followed by LATAM, Asia, Australia and Africa.

We gather information through a meticulous process that involves manually collecting data and then verifying it against a variety of sources, including SEC filings, reputable news organizations, established databases, business data providers, and various API sources.

This thorough cross-referencing is complemented by our reliance on hand picked data to enhance our lists with accurate data and verified contact information. 

Our teams work hundreds of hours weekly doing research to find you the most up to date data. Our data is updated on a weekly basis for Agency plans and monthly for Job Seeker Plans

Techcruiter was initially designed to help recruiters looking for work quickly cut through the noise and identify the companies that are hiring and likely need help to scale their teams. We're so confident our data will help you find a job that we offer a 100% money back guarantee for job seekers who don't secure a job within 6 months while using our service.

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